Healthcare Construction

The healthcare needs and technologies of our clients are constantly evolving. Quality healthcare construction has to be responsive to the rapidly shifting healthcare landscape. We have decades of experience collaborating with clients to create healthcare environments that improve patient outcomes. We build and remodel healthcare facilities designed to be essential assets of their communities well into the future.

Lives depend on continuing normal medical function during construction or renovation of critical hospital areas such as operating rooms, imaging centers, laboratories, pharmacies, and patient units. We have decades of experience updating medical facilities without disrupting the crucial care they provide to patients.

Our ASHE-certified superintendents receive specialized training in infection control, CPR, bloodborne pathogens and first aid, which allows them to work in sensitive medical environments. This extra measure ensures that administrators, medical staff, patients, and our work crews are protected and safe.

  • Design solutions for the special needs of medical facilities

  • Experienced teams occupy healthcare environments cleanly and quietly

  • Smart building with sustainable design and efficient construction