Data Center/Mission Critical IT

Mission critical infrastructures demand a highly specialized and experienced construction skill set. We provide the highest-quality build-outs of data centers, PTR rooms, IT rooms, and other technically intricate and sensitive data transfer areas. We give clients the peace-of-mind to succeed in the rapidly shifting mission-critical IT industry.

We know that our clients’ data centers must continue functioning and their sensitive data must remain secure. Diligent and focused management, combined with transparent communications with construction teams, ensures that nothing gets missed and no time is lost. We have developed reliable processes to guarantee data security, power redundancy, and document control for clients.

We have built excellent relationships with contractors and subcontractors, over decades of collaboration, so we can dedicate enough specialists to a project on short notice to meet any challenge.

  • Resources to provide project scalability for all types of clients

  • Innovative design to facilitate changing technologies

  • Reliance on proven procedures to ensure continued normal function